Samsung launches 55- and 65-inch UHD TVs in China ahead of LG

Samsung today announced the release of 55- and 65-inch UHD TV models in China. At a five-star hotel in Beijing on the 16th, Samsung showed off its UHD TV and Curved OLED TV to local media and distributors. LG is also likely to release same-size models in China this month. This will create a head-on clash between the two Korean electronic giants in China’s UHD TV market.

The retail price of Samsung’s 55-inch UHD TV and 65-inch UHD TV will be set at 29,999 Yuan ($4900) and 39,999 Yuan ($6535), respectively, slightly cheaper than those selling in Korea, but higher by about one million won ($922) compared to those selling in the U.S. market. These prices are more than 40 percent higher than those of China’s local companies, reflecting Samsung’s intention to establish a clearer profile there by focusing on high-price, luxury image.

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