Samsung MagicIWB 3.0 software platform enables customers to use multiple devices as one screen

Samsung’s MagicIWB 3.0 is software platform that enables customers to use multiple devices as one screen enabling enhanced engagement and collaboration. MagicIWB 3.0 creates a large digital whiteboard solution using individual displays, which multiple individuals can use to simultaneously collaborate on projects and share ideas.

Samsung_MagicIWB 3_square_display
Engineered with efficiency, cost savings, and collaboration in mind, MagicIWB 3.0 provides an expansive visual and collaborative experience that is ideal for the enterprise (meeting rooms) and education (high school and university) environments, particularly customers in those environments that have a need for a large, collaborative display. Key features include digital post-its, support for Microsoft Office documents, gesture control as well as content sharing.
Samsung_MagicIWB 3_cinema

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