Samsung Soccer Panel creates continuous and integrated soccer content experience on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung-Smart-TVSamsung’s Soccer Panel is a customized feature creating a continuous and integrated soccer content experience. User can select his favorite teams, and Samsung’s Soccer Panel will intuitively show the videos of recent matches, soccer news and information about matches and rankings of the user’s team. Assuming a family of four, each family member can select a team of their own and choose 2 more. Although the maximum numbers of team user can select might change during specific events, like FIFA 2014, generally user can choose a maximum of six favorite teams.

Samsung-Soccer-PanelSamsung Soccer Panel on Samsung Smart TV will show contents that are related to the top league in your country. Soccer fans are always very up-to-date with their favorite teams. Therefore, the Soccer Panel organizes contents in chronological order, with the most recent ones on the left. All Soccer panel content will be provided in the local language for each country. For Brazil, it’s Portuguese, for Spanish the content is in Spanish.
Soccer-Panel-DisplaySoccer Panel on Samsung Smart TV lets user to check information about his team before, during or after the match, directly on your TV. User can receive customized list of contents such as news, videos, match-ups, rankings and schedules of the main leagues of your county or preference. All these information is concentrated and displayed in one place, and they are all only two clicks away. Samsung’s Soccer Mode and Soccer Panel show Samsung’s continuous effort to bring a high quality content service to people.

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