Samsung S5H1432 World’s First 65nm Digital TV Receiver Chip !

The new Samsung digital TV receiver chip- S5H1432 using 65nm process technology is designed for terrestrial digital video broadcasting (DVB-T), the digital broadcasting standard in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Samsung’s new DVB-T receiver chip S5H1432 is designed for use in digital TVs, set-top boxes, TV receiver cards for PCs, USB interfaced plug-and play dongle or boxes, and DVD recorders. Fabricated using Samsung’s advanced 65nm process technology on 300mm wafers, this new DVB-T receiver chip fully supports Europe’s NorDig unified standard for digital broadcasting. The power consumption is less than one third of the conventional 250mW average power consumption of existing solutions on the market.

By using a proprietary processing algorithm, Samsung’s new DVB-T receiver chip enables high performance even in single frequency network environments, reducing the channel scanning interval by half, to less than 0.1-second, from the conventional 0.2-second.The new Samsung DVB-T receiver chip is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2008.