Samsung Saratoga- World’s first Mobile Application Processor in 32nm High-K Metal Gate Low Power Logic Process

Samsung will highlight an engineering sample of its application processor using its 32 nanometer (nm) low power High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) logic process in a demonstration at the seventh annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum held in Taiwan at the Westin Taipei Hotel. Codenamed Saratoga, this new application processor is designed to provide a low power, high performance, and cost effective solution for next generation consumer electronic (CE) products such as personal navigation devices (PND), electronic dictionaries, and e-book readers. Likes its 45nm predecessor, S5P6440, the 32nm Saratoga application processor is based on an ARM1176 CPU core. It features 2D graphics acceleration hardware that supports the OpenVG application programming interface (API) standard.

In addition to integrating peripherals and memory interface commonly used in many CE products to reduce BOM cost, Saratoga is also equipped with a mobile industry processor interface (MIPI) display serial interface (DSI) which minimizes the EMI and lowers the number of pins needed to connect with the display panel, greatly reducing design complexity and cost.