Samsung ultra Slim SPF-87H Photo Frame can be used as a secondary mini-monitor

Samsung America, today announced the release of the SPF-87H Photo Frame. The Samsung SPF-87H’s Ultra Slim and innovative ball hinge design allows it to be placed in any location. With its crystal-like charcoal Touch of Color frame, the SPF-87H wide 8” screen offers 800×480 resolutions and a 500:1 contrast ratio that makes electronic photos sharp and clear. An SD slot is available for downloading photos directly into the 87H’s internal 1GB memory. In addition to running photo slide shows in a variety of formats, the Samsung SPF-87H Photo frame can be linked to a computer and serve as a secondary mini-monitor. With its Power Saving feature, the photo frame runs on minimal power through its USB cable.

With a slim screen depth of 23 mm (.91 inches) and 1 GB of internal memory, the Samsung SPF-87H can store up to 3,000 photos, while being powered only by a USB cable and is available for approximately $129.