Sanyo announces rechargeable eneloop music booster with two 9-volt power ports for music devices

Sanyo announced the release of the eneloop music booster Rechargeable DC 9V Battery Unit for Music Devices, as a new addition to the ‘eneloop universe products. Equipped with Sanyo’s large-capacity lithium-ion battery technology, the eneloop music booster is a power source that can be used in locations without electricity. Also, since it is rechargeable, it eliminates the hassle and waste of replacing and throwing out dry-cell batteries. As music devices such as effects units, amps, graphic equalizers, and multitrack recorders are usually used in combination with each other, the eneloop music booster is equipped with two 9-volt power ports, and can power two 9V music devices at the same time. Sanyo eneloop music booster with voltage boosting technology can maintain a steady voltage right up until the power is exhausted, thereby providing consistent sound quality for a longer period of time, compared to a dry cell.

To indicate the amount of power left in the battery, the eneloop music booster is equipped with an LED light that changes color in three stages from green (over 60% power remaining), to orange (30% to 60% remaining), to red (less than 30%). This enables musicians to see the battery level at a glance, even during performances. Sanyo eneloop music booster will be available in Japan only from March 4, 2010.