Sanyo LP-Z3000- most advanced projector for consumer-use home theaters

Sanyo today announced its most advanced projector for consumer-use home theaters-LP-Z3000. The Sanyo LP-Z3000 features ‘Dynamic Predictive Frame Interpolation Technology’ that utilizes speeds of 120Hz in the industry’s first 2 5:5 pull-down mode for incredibly smooth video projection even for scenes with intense motion, a super high contrast ratio of 65,000:1 allowing jet-black color reproduction, and a whisper-quiet cooling fan at 19-decibels permitting viewers to hear even the most quiet and sensitive scenes.

Sanyo LP-Z3000 measures 400×346×146mm and weighs 7.5kg .With all these features and many more ‘standard’ features, such as the industry’s most advanced lens shifting functions among others, the Sanyo LP-Z3000 will be on sale in Japan for approximately 483,000 yen ($4,635) starting from November 28, 2008