Scarlet LG70 LCD TV Consumes 69 percent less power

Lg_scarlet_tv.jpgBuilt around a Full HD 1080p LCD panel, the Scarlet LG70 is as uniquely modern and intelligent as a sophisticated man or woman. With its Intelligent Sensor, the TV is always aware of its surroundings and gives its audience an optimal viewing experience. Using an advanced algorithm with 4,096 steps, it automatically adjusts the TV’s brightness according to available light to adapt for better picture, even using up to 69.5 percent less power. Scarlet LG70 gives viewers a soft and natural picture, and allows them to enjoy TV for long periods of time without eye fatigue. The AV Mode of the Scarlet LG70 optimizes the picture to Cinema, Sports and Game Modes.

For the best sound quality, the Scarlet LG70 included invisible speakers specially tuned by renowned audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson. They give viewers crisp, rich sound quality, without detracting from the TV’s overall look. With a USB 2.0 connection, it is easy to access to MP3 files and connect a memory card reader to the TV and create an onscreen slideshow from JPEG files or watch digital video files, a feature unique to LG. Four HDMI 1.3 ports allow for fully digital video and audio connections for devices like DVD players, cable boxes and game consoles.