Sharp Aquos P series full-HD LCD TVs

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market three new models in the AQUOS P Series of LCD TVs including a 32V-inch model LC-32P1-W as well as two models- LC-22P1-W and LC-26P1-W featuring newly developed 22V- and 26V-inch full-HD LCD panels. All models of this new Sharp AQUOS P Series feature a full-HD panel, including the 32V-inch model as well as the 22V-inch and 26V-inch models, the first in the industry to do so. These LCD panels deliver beautiful pictures with an unparalleled, high-definition display, enabling users to enjoy high-resolution, high-quality video images not only for TV applications, but also when used in the desktop environment in combination with a PC.

sharp06.jpgThe new Sharp AQUOS P Series of LCD TVs also feature a Picture-in-Picture function that allows a TV program to be displayed in a small inset window within the full PC image display, as well as a full suite of connecting jacks, in particular, a PC input jack, to support a wide range of devices including game machines and HD media equipment. And the stand is conveniently designed to allow a keyboard to be stowed underneath for additional ease of use