Sharp BD-HDW20 and BD-HDW15 Aquos Blu-ray Disc Recorders

Sharp will launch two new Aquos Blu-ray Disc Recorders: the BD-HDW20 featuring a 1-TB (terabyte) capacity hard drive, the industry’s largest, and the BD-HDW15 with a 500-GB hard drive into the Japanese market. In designing these Aquos Blu-ray Disc Recorders, Sharp placed emphasis on faithfully reproducing high-resolution video images from digital broadcasts and Blu-ray discs on the Aquos LCD TV. The new Aquos Blu-ray Disc Recorders support dubbing (moving) video from the hard drive to BD-RE or BD-R discs. HDTV programs recorded on the hard disk can be dubbed (moved) to Blu-ray discs while retaining exactly the same image quality as broadcast, enabling users to easily create an HDTV library. Sharp Aquos Blu-ray Disc Recorders BD-HDW20 and BD-HDW15 are equipped with Aquos Fami-Link that enhances the compatibility between Aquos LCD TVs and Aquos Audio Systems.

An accessory Fami-Link Remote is provided to enable both the Aquos LCD TV and these units to be operated using a single remote control. Aquos Fami-Link offers even greater compatibility with Aquos LCD TVs beyond simple operation, including Photo System for viewing photographs, and other Aquos Fami-Link functions based on connection via HDMI to the television.