Sharp to Introduce 13 New D Series AQUOS LCD TVs Featuring Sleek Design and Multiple Color Options

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market 13 new models in the AQUOS D Series of LCD TVs featuring distinctive color variations, including five color options in ten models in the 32V- and 20V-inch sizes, and three color options in three models in the 26V-inch screen size. Flat-panel TVs have now achieved widespread penetration in the Japanese market. Demand for larger screen sizes for the living room is accelerating while at the same time, demand for second TV sets to be used as personal TVs in bedrooms and private spaces is also rising.
The Sharp AQUOS D Series line-up offers a rich range of colors with a total of five color options. Green and beige have been added to the popular black, white and red canvas colors (32V- and 20V-inch screen sizes only), and their compact design means a small footprint ideal for use in personal settings such as private spaces and bedrooms. Their sleek, stylish design extends even to the rear panel, enabling these sets to complement any interior room décor.

In addition, in the 32V- and 26V-inch models, a Side-Port Bass Reflex Speaker system delivers impressive bass notes, providing high audio quality even in smaller private rooms. Plus, they support AQUOS Familink, an advanced interface that enables the viewer to comfortably and easily operate an AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Player, AQUOS HD Recorder, and AQUOS Audio System connected to the AQUOS TV.