Sharp to Introduce 5 New Models of AQUOS HD Recorders in Japan

0702.jpgBeginning in February 2007, Sharp Corporation is introducing into the Japanese market five new AQUOS HD Recorders that allow users to simultaneously record two programs in full-spec HD from an AQUOS LCD TV. The three models, the DV-ACW60, ACW55, and ACW52, have a built-in photo system equipped with the industry’s first IrSS (high-speed infrared) for fast and easy transferring of photographs taken by mobile phones and digital cameras to the recorder. . Moreover, in combination with the AQUOS LCD TV, these Sharp recorders DV-ACW60, ACW55, and ACW52 allow users to enjoy high-resolution photographs on the large screen in a living room. Two more models, the DV-AC55 and AC52, also allow users to enjoy simultaneous recording of two programs (with the Double Hybrid Recording function) from an AQUOS LCD TV. With terrestrial digital broadcasting spreading all over Japan, full-spec HD LCD TVs that can display high-definition images “as is” are becoming the norm, as more and more consumers demand products that can record and play high-definition, high-resolution images.

All models are installed with the Quick Activation function, which allows users to activate the recorder from standby mode in just 0.8 second, the world’s fastest. The included New Fami-Remote Control designed for the AQUOS Fami-link makes it incredibly easy to operate the recorders, as well as the AQUOS LCD TV and AQUOS Surround Sound System.