Sharp to introduce three new AQUOS X Series of LCD TVs

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market three models in the new AQUOS X Series of LCD TVs. The 46V, 42V and 37V-inch TVs not only deliver high-quality pictures, but also bring a refined sense of quality to interior décor when mounted on the wall.The Sharp AQUOS X Series can accommodate the needs of consumers who want to mount a flat-panel TV on the wall to take full advantage of its thin profile, or who desire to change their living room décor by decorating a wall with it like a painting.
Advanced engineering and technologies that one would expect in the AQUOS have enabled this X Series to achieve the industry’s thinnest profile for the display section, a mere 3.44 cm thick (at the thinnest part). In addition, the AQUOS X Series features a design that looks beautiful mounted on a wall and harmonizes beautifully as a part of any interior space including living rooms.

The Sharp X Series adopts a discrete component configuration that separates the display section from the tuner section. Users can connect the display section simply and easily via a single cable. Housing the tuner as a separate component also eliminates the time and effort involved in turning the back of the display section to make connections with the antenna cable or peripheral equipment.

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