Sharp to Introduce Two New X Series AQUOS LCD TVs in Japan

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market two new models in the AQUOS X Series of LCD TVs. The 65V- and 52V-inch TVs feature Sharp’s newly developed, next-generation MegaASV LCD, a cumulation of Sharp’s one-of-a-kind LCD technologies. By incorporating sharp’s original one-of-a-kind LCD technologies into its cutting-edge ASV LCD, Sharp has brought about the next-generation MegaASV LCD, which offers overwhelmingly superb picture quality, an innovative thin-profile design, and outstanding environmental performance.These new X Series models offer sophisticated style through a display that is, at its thinnest part, a mere 2.28 cm deep and through the use of metallic material for the cabinet and other parts. On the environmental side, annual power consumption for the 65V-inch model is 294 kWh/year, down approximately 26% compared to Sharp’s 2007 model.

For optimal sound quality, these models incorporate a thin-design, 2.1-channel, three-way five-speaker system, jointly developed by Sharp and Pioneer Corporation, that offers a well-balanced sound range. The highly popular AQUOS Familink interface enables users to easily operate an AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Player or an AQUOS HD Recorder connected to the AQUOS TV. SharpTerrestrial/BS/CS110° Digital High-Definition LCD TV’s LC-65XS1and LC-52XS1 will be launched in Japan on October 15, 2008