SK Telecom launches ultra portable Smart Mirroring device

SK Telecom (South Korea) jointly with ICT venture Cast Pro announced the launch of Smart Mirroring -a device that mirrors the screens of smart devices such as smartphones and tablet computers on TVs. Smart Mirroring makes every smart device contents, including movies and games, available on larger screens, and can be used for business purposes, including presentation and video conferencing.

SKTelecom_Smart_Sharing_koreaSK Telecoms Smart Mirroring device can be connected easily with smart devices through Wi-Fi, after being connected into the HDMI device of high-quality display equipment such as TVs, monitors, and projectors. With the Smart Mirroring gizmo users don’t have to install separate apps on their smart devices. They can use the device simply by connecting its Wi-Fi signal. SK Telecom’s Smart Mirroring supports dual-band Wi-Fi and runs regardless of any version and operation system. Smart Mirroring device measures 99mmx34.8mmx10.4mm and weighs 32 grams only. The design and light weight makes the Smart Mirroring gizmo easily portable.

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