SoftBank’s Swarovski crystal version of 707SC mobile phone

xin.jpgA model shows Softbank’s Swarovski crystal version of their 707SC mobile phones at an unveiling of Softbank’s new mobile phone models including the thinnest-ever high-speed handset in Tokyo. The 707SC mobile phone with a design that is both aesthetic and functional comes with a 2-megapixel rotatable camera on the hinge. The handset is Compatible with Bluetooth stereo headsets for wireless enjoyment of tracks transferred to the 707SC using a computer. With 130MB of internal memory the 93g 707SC mobile phone includes a translation function useful for overseas travel and can display files often used in business such as Microsoft Word/PowerPoint and PDF data. SoftBank Mobile currently operates both PDC (Japanese 2G) and W-CDMA (UMTS 3G) networks.

SoftBank’s 3G network is compatible with UMTS and supports transparent global roaming for existing UMTS subscribers from other countries outside Japan. Subscribers of GSM networks having roaming agreements with SoftBank Mobile can also roam on the SoftBank 3G network by using UMTS handsets.