Soledge unveils a brand new Network Player Alto at the ISE show

Soledge announced the launch of a brand new Network Player Alto at the ISE show. Alto is a network music player capable of interfacing with all digital audio sources to enhance sound quality. Use your favorite application to browse your music library stored on any device (tablet PC, smartphone, computer), or get instant access to online audio contents. Send music to Alto through WiFi, Ethernet or PLC, and simply connect a preamplifier or a power amplifier to its analogue outputs.
You can also use Alto’s digital inputs to bring to new levels your audio, video or gaming equipment. Alto is multiroom capable and is the ideal partner of Maestro Music Server and Ténor Receiver-Amplifier. SOLEDGE SAS was founded in South of France by an audio innovator Raphaël BINI in 2010. Soledge designs, develops, and manufactures an innovative sound systems for residential and components for Pro.

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