Sony A Series of TRIMASTER EL OLED Monitors offers Industry-Leading Wide Viewing Angles

Sony’s latest innovations in professional display technology include the development of a new 4K professional OLED monitor and a new series of OLED monitors with wider viewing angles and significantly reduced color shift. The new Sony A Series TRIMASTER EL OLED professional monitors use an improved panel for an industry-leading wide viewing angle that reduces color shift by half compared to previous models. These capabilities enable group monitoring by video engineers or colorists, improving overall productivity and workflow efficiency.

The Sony A Series TRIMASTER EL OLED professional monitors Series includes the BVM-E250A and BVM-E170A master monitors for high-end cinema and broadcast applications, the BVM-F250A and BVM-F170A master monitors for TV productions and broadcasting, and the versatile PVM-2541A and PVM-1741A picture monitors for a wide range of monitoring applications.
High-quality reference grade OLED monitors are more important now than ever, especially when working with 4K content. At this level of production, color accuracy and reproduction are critical. With these improvements in viewing angles, color shift and additional enhancements, professionals are now even better equipped to critically evaluate any type of signal with the new Sony A series. Sony’s OLED displays reproduce accurate blacks and colors with exceptional dynamic range and outstanding motion response that enables the most accurate picture evaluation in the industry.
The new Sony A Series TRIMASTER EL OLED professional monitors will replace these existing Sony monitors: BVM-E250, BVM-E170, BVM-F250, BVM-F170, PVM-2541 and PVM-1741. Sony’s new A Series TRIMASTER EL OLED monitors will be available in May 2013.

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