Sony announces SS-AR2 Loudspeakers at CES 2012

Building on its heritage as an innovator in home audio entertainment, Sony today debuted its SS-AR2 Loudspeaker, furthering the line established last year with the introduction of its award winning and critically acclaimed predecessor, the SS-AR1. The key to the Sony R-series’ superb sound reproduction is the precise control of the inevitable vibrations created by sound waves. Created through exhaustive processes testing countless samples and configurations, the AR1 and AR2 loudspeakers feature a final front cabinet baffle laminated to a thickness of 50 mm and 40 mm respectively from hand-selected maple cultivated from Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, whose cold climate produces maple of a tight grain, contributing markedly to the R’s beautiful sound. The front baffle couples with Nordic birch, another cold climate wood with an extremely tight grain, to project the most ideal sound reverberation properties.

Like the SS-AR1, the SS-AR2’s cabinet design was developed as deftly as its base materials. The SS-AR2 loudspeaker is a 4-unit, 3-way floor-standing vented box speaker system. The SS-AR2’s incorporated drivers support a maximum input power of 100 watts through a 25 mm (one inch) soft dome, a 130 mm (five inch) sliced-paper cone and a 165 mm (six and a half inches) aluminum cone (double-drive system), producing a frequency response from 42 Hz to 60kHz. The units weigh in at 84 lbs. and have a spectacular piano finish.The SS-AR2 and AR1 speakers are sold exclusively through a select group of dealers only.

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