Sony announces TA-A1ES Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The TA-A1ES integrated stereo amplifier is the latest offering in Sony’s Elevated Standard Series and has been specifically designed to complement Sony’s new HAP-Z1ES reference standard Hi-Res Music Player. More than three years in the making, the new A1ES stereo amplifier utilizes a frame/beam/base chassis that was originally developed for Sony’s acclaimed R-Series components. It delivers crisp, noiseless power performance. Employing FET input and buffer circuits that enhance performance, the amplifier’s optimum gain volume control combines electronic volume with a discrete buffer amplifier, allowing it to massively reduce gain error and produce sound quality superior to conventional volume controls.

Sony_TA-A1ES integrated stereo amplifier_back
The Sony TA-A1ES has a power amp stage featuring Smart Bias Control for Class-A operation and Single Push-Pull Hi-Current Amplifier. It is designed with a single pair of transistors to eliminate variations in each channel at the source, as well as variation controlling emitter resistance, allowing the transistors to drive the speakers directly, for a more character-free sound quality. Sony TA-A1ES integrated stereo amplifier will be available in November for approximately $1,999 (Silver).

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