Sony launches world’s first 9.1ch digital surround wireless headphones system- MDR-HW700DS

Get a cinematic sound experience all to yourself in the comfort of your home with the new MDR-HW700DS digital surround wireless headphones system from Sony. Explosive surround sound is delivered via the world’s first 9.1ch digital surround headphones. Exclusive to Sony, Virtualphones Technology (VPT) reproduces the soundstage of multi-channel speakers to create an immersive acoustic space with refined and authentic surround sound. In addition to the 5.1ch surround speaker, surround-back (2ch) and front-high speakers (2ch) create a 9.1ch surround sound that delivers a realistic and expressive listening experience.

MDR-HW700DS Headphones_SonyThe new Cinema mode, recreates a feeling of being at the cinema. You can enjoy premium detailed uncompressed multi-channel surround sound via the digital wireless transmission that eliminates noise and interference from other devices in the home. The dual band connection, 2.4GHz and 5GHz allow smooth wireless transmission without any disruptions, giving you the freedom to move without having to compromise on sound quality.
Sony_9.1ch digital surround wireless headphonesThe Sony MDR-HW700DS are outstanding in their compatibility with the 4K technology. The MDR-HW700DS allows native 4K video content[iv] to be passed through in its original quality to a 4K TV or projector, allowing you to experience the full 4K quality while listening via the digital surround wireless headphones system.
Sony_MDR-HW700DS HeadphonesBoth good for the eyes and the ears Sony MDR-HW700DS is crafted for a comfortable fit over long periods of use with the pressure-relieving luxury ear cushions. The 50mm driver units provide deep bass and impressive sound power. Continuous use is no problem with a battery-life of up to 12h and fast recharge. All this is packed in luxurious and executive design.

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