Sony Bravia S57 series- Designed to suit your lifestyle

The new Sony Bravia S57 series is designed to suit your lifestyle. With a slim 19 inch LCD screen, a choice of color hues and trendy curved design, it’s the ideal fit for your bedroom, kitchen or any home interior. The Bravia S57 series delivers stunning picture quality compared to other small screen TVs and portables. It’s packed with high quality technology features found in larger sized Bravia TVs. Bravia Engine 2 and a Dynamic Contrast ratio of up to 8.000:1 deliver incredible detail and image depth. Live Color picks out the subtlest shades and natural colors, including skin tones. 24p True Cinema ensures you’ll enjoy a real film experience as the director intended displaying at original speed of 24frames per second. The series also comes with handy in-built digital tuners so you can receive digital channels without the need for a set-top box.

Choose Scene Select and you can quickly optimise picture and audio settings for the type of content you want to view. The Bravia S57 series also comes with a range of eco-features such as Power Saving and ‘Idle TV’ which switches TV to standby mode if there’s been no user activity for a preset time. The Bravia S57 series is available in a choice of subtle tones of Satin Silver, Silky Pink, Metallic Mocha or Pale Emerald to complement the stylish white exterior. The Bravia S57 series only weighs 5.4 kg and comes with a detachable carrying handle and discreet stand.