Sony BRAVIA XDV-D500 Portable TV with AM / FM

The new Sony BRAVIA XDV-D500 Portable TV available in black and champagne gold color features a 3 inch wide 432 x 240 pixel resolution display with 160-degree viewing angle screen, DMB TV and AM / FM Tuner. Sony XDV-G500 with built in 2 GB of internal memory can record up to 10 hours of scheduled programming also. You can enjoy about 8-hours of TV reception, about 18 hours of FM radio and 22 hours of AM radio. Out put is approximately 250 mW via integrated mono speaker.

The new Sony XDV-G500 measures 92 × 58 ×14mm and weigh 107g. Included accessories include: stand, AC adapter, and a carrying case. The new Sony BRAVIA XDV-D500 Portable TV is available in Japan for approximately ¥38,000 (about $355).

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