Sony launches swivel high-speed HDMI cables

Sony today introduced swivel high-speed HDMI cables, allowing for easier installation of audio and video components against walls. Created for tight spaces and wall mounting applications where a hard bend is required, the swivel Sony HDMI cables feature rotating connectors that swing the cable plug up to 90 degrees to create a right angle between the connector and the cable, reducing the space needed for mounting by about half. The cables lock at both 90-degree and 45-degree angles for flexible application use. All of this is realized without compromising the capability to support full HD 1080p resolution or the high bandwidth of the cables (10.2 Gbps).

Integrated connectors on each end of the cable eliminate the need for costly 90-degree adaptors, which can cause signal degradation or connection issues. Sony’s swivel high-speed HDMI cables are available in both a vertical and a horizontal series, each offering two lengths. The DLC-HD10H and DLC-HD10V (3ft 3in) cables run for about $50. The DLC-HD20H and DLC-HD20V (6ft 6in) cables are both about $60