Sony NAS-D5HD Stereo system with 40 GB hard drive

The Sony “NAS-D5HD ” NetJuke Bookshelf stereo system includes an integrated 40GB hard drive, a built in MiniDisc slot, CD player, USB support, Ethernet support, and a Memory stick Duo slot. It can play MP3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus files from Hard Drive, USB device, via the Ethernet connection and a few combinations in between. You can take music from CDs and rip them directly to the internal hard drive on the system and can also transfer music to and from MiniDiscs. The USB slot allows the system to copy music from the hard drive to portable audio players such as the Sony Walkman or the Sony PSP, when connected to the Walkman it charges the Walkman’s batteries too. The 2 way reflex speaker system consists of 10cm diameter woofer and dome tweeter of 2cm diameter and the amplifier out put is 20W×2ch (4 ohms). Most impressive, is the 4.3 inch color LCD. Using the LCD, users can view information on currently playing music, tune the FM tuner, and purchase CD’s through Sony’s online store.

With external dimensions 140×246×190mm (width x depth x height), the system weighs approximately 2.3kg.The NAS-D5HD NetJuke Bookshelf stereo system will be available in Japan from March 21st for approximately 65000 Yen ($ 560)