Sony NAS-M7HDS Hi-Fi with 80 GB Hard Drive

Sony has announced an upgrade to the NAS-D5HD Stereo system announced last week which had a 40GB hard drive. The new NAS-M7HDS has a whooping 80GB hard drive which can hold about 40,000 tunes. Like it’s predecessor it can play Mini Disc slot, CD Player and AM / FM radio. It can playback MP3, ATRAC3, from the Hard Drive. It also includes a USB and Ethernet port. You can copy tracks from the CD / MD player, Memory stick slot, and via USB and Ethernet port to the 80 GB hard drive.

The unit measures 155 x 246 x 278mm and weighs 4.9 kg. The NAS-M7HDS is available for 84,800 Yen. ($ 725)