Sony to Strengthen Middle and Large Size OLED Panel Production Technology

Sony today announced that it plans to invest approximately 22 billion yen ($203.5 million) to strengthen middle and large size OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel production technology. With this investment, Sony intends to accelerate the shift to middle and large size, high image quality OLED panels. Sony launched the world’s first TV using such panels in November 2007. Just 3 mm thick, the new OLED TV consumes 40 percent less power than a comparable LCD set and is suitable for watching fast-moving images such as sports programs because of its quick response time. It also offers bright colors and a wide viewing angle.

OLED displays use organic, or carbon-containing, compounds that emit light when electricity is applied. Unlike liquid crystal display panels they do not need backlighting, making OLED TVs slimmer and more energy-efficient.