STMicroelectronics announces the most power dense single-chip digital audio system

The STMicroelectronics STA333IS is an integrated circuit comprising digital audio processing, digital amplifier control and an FFX power output stage to create a high-power, single-chip FFX solution for all-digital amplification with high quality and high efficiency. The STA333IS delivers superb audio quality that goes hand in hand with outstanding thermal efficiency and low electromagnetic emissions. Measuring just 2.57mm x 3.24mm, STMicroelectronics STA333IS delivers up to 2x20W of audio output power.

Also featured in the STA333IS are new advanced modes for reducing AM radio interference. The serial audio data input interface accepts all possible formats, including the popular I2S format. With its wide operating voltage range, from 4.5V to 18V, STA333IS is ideal for battery-operated equipment as well as space-constrained products such as LCD or LED televisions, docking stations and digital wireless speaker systems. The STA333IS power section consists of four independent half-bridge stages. Two channels can be provided by two full bridges, delivering up to 10 W + 10 W of power.

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