STMicroelectronics launches compact audio power amplifier chip

STMicroelectronics today announced a compact audio power amplifier chip – intended for mobile phones and for other portable audio products – which creates 3D audio effects in the stereo speaker outputs to add impact and a surround-sound feel to MP3 and video files. Mobile phones increasingly offer media features such as FM radio, MP3 player, video player and videophone. The TS4997 is an ideal solution that can enhance the performance of such functions, in addition to providing a high-quality stereo amplifier. It delivers an impressive stereo effect from a very small platform, and is also suitable for PDAs and for other portable audio devices.

The TS4997 can deliver 1.2-watts per channel of continuous average output power into 8-ohm loads, from a 5V supply — although it operates from supplies of as little as 2.7V — while its high-efficiency design and ultra-low standby power will help extend battery life. The TS4997 is available now in a QFN16 4x4mm package, with 0.65mm pad pitch, priced at $1.20 in quantities of 1,000 pieces.