STMicroelectronics new three-axis digital-output gyroscope delivers the Ultimate in Motion-Sensing Realism

STMicroelectronics has expanded its motion-sensor portfolio with a new high-performance three-axis digital-output gyroscope. Housed in a 4x4x1 mm package, ST’s L3GD20 combines high sensing resolution with outstanding immunity to audio noise and vibrations, making motion-sensing user interfaces more realistic in mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, and other smart consumer devices. With a resonant frequency above the audio bandwidth, ST’s newest 3-axis digital gyroscope operates with greater accuracy and reliability, because it is completely immune to both mechanical vibrations coupled through the printed circuit board and to audio noise, such as from speakers mounted close to the sensor.

The L3GD20 gyroscope offers a wide set of user-programmable full-scale ranges from ±250 dps3 up to ±2000 dps, with the low full-scale values for high accuracy of slow-motion sensing and the high range to detect and measure very fast gestures and movements. The device provides a 16-bit data output, together with additional embedded digital features, such as configurable low- and high-pass filters. The new gyroscope is pin-to-pin adaptable and software-compatible with the current-generation device, the L3G4200D, so customers can easily ‘hot swap’ and protect their investment in application development.