STMicroelectronics Next-Generation Decoder IC for High-Definition Set-Top Boxes

STMicroelectronics has begun sampling the STi7106 high-definition (HD) video decoder, which offers enhancements for higher performance, lower power, and lower bill of materials costs in set-top boxes. As the latest evolution of ST’s STi7105 single-chip decoder, supporting all required audio and video standards such as H.264, VC-1, MPEG2 and WM9, the new STi7106 adds AVS high-definition decoding and maintains the same architecture as the STi7105 enabling continuity and easy migration. By supporting the latest HD standards, as well as HD formats such as AVS, which is important for the STB market in China, the STi7106 delivers a low-cost and high-performance solution for products deployed in all geographic regions.

The STi7106 offers best-in-class power consumption and heat dissipation. Enhanced power management further extends the STi7106’s low-power credentials, helping end products to meet power-saving initiatives such as the International Energy Authority’s 1W Plan, which aims to save up to 1% of global CO2 emissions by targeting sub-1W standby power for all electronic products.