STRL Announces World’s Widest Color Gamut 4k Display at Open House 2015

NHK_4k Display_With World's Widest Color GamutNHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) will exhibit a 50-inch LCD display that has a very wide color gamut and uses a laser-based backlight at Open House 2015. NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories developed the display to realize the super-wide color gamut defined in the “ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020.” The BT.2020 is an international standard for 4k and 8k displays, and NJK (Nippon Broadcasting System) was deeply involved in its formulation.

NHK_4KIt is not easy to make a display that supports the color gamut of the BT.2020. Even with OLED displays and LCD displays using quantum dots, the color gamut of the BT.2020 has not yet been realized. This time, the color gamut of the BT.2020 has been almost realized by using laser diodes that emit red, green and blue lights for the backlight of the LCD display. The color gamut inclusion ratio of the display is 98%.
NHK_xy chromaticity diagramAccording to STRL, when the wide color gamut display is compared with displays supporting the BT.709, there tend to be differences in the display of green, light-blue and greenish blue colors, STRL said. Those colors are important for displaying the colors of the sea. STRL showed the differences by using an image of the sea displayed on the BT.709- and BT.2020-compatible displays.

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