Tascam CD-200i- Professional rackmountable CD player with built-in iPod dock

Tascam’s CD-200i is a professional; rackmountable CD player with built-in dock for Apple’s iPod.The Tascam CD player uses the new TEAC CD-5020A transport, custom-designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise. The internal clock has been improved for a smoother sound and decreased jitter. A sliding drawer reveals a connector dock any Apple iPod. The iPod can be controlled from the CD-200i’s front-panel or wireless remote, including transport control, album navigation and more. The iPod can be changed from the dock connector, and video can even be played through an S-video jack on the rear panel.

Tascam’s CD-200i has unbalanced phono outputs and S/PDIF digital out on coaxial and optical jacks. MP3 and WAV file playback is supported from CD media. The front-panel Folder navigation buttons change folders on CDs and albums on the iPod. A wireless remote control with numerical track select buttons is also included.