Tascam GT-R1 your new songwriting partner

Tascam_gt_r1-top.jpgTascam GT-R1 is a new portable recorder for guitar and bass players. Based on Tascam’s best-selling DR-1 recorder, the GT-R1 adds features from their groundbreaking guitar trainers for the ultimate songwriter’s sketchpad. A pair of built-in condenser microphones captures rehearsals and live shows, or musicians can plug directly into the instrument input to record with amp simulation and effects. The Tascam GT-R1 includes a rhythm player for instant inspiration, and a 1GB SD Card and rechargeable battery are included to get started right away.

Tascam’s GT-R1 records in MP3 or WAV format, 16-bit or 24-bit. The USB 2.0 jack charges the recorder and copies your recordings to your PC or Mac. The Tascam GT-R1 can be used as a portable recorder, an instrument trainer, tuner, metronome and almost anything else musicians need. Don’t go anywhere without your guitar and your new songwriting partner, the GT-R1.