Thanko 2GB MP4 Watch

photo02.jpgThe Thanko MP4 Watch is a MP4 Player, Music Player, Digital Watch and Voice Recorder with a 1.5-inch full colour video screen (128×128 pixels). The MP4 watch is available in 1GB and 2GB capacity. Just plug and play into USB port to transfer music files and data from your PC. You can Listen Music; Watch Movie and Record conversations wherever you go with Thanko MP4 watch.

The watch measures 40×40mm, weighs 50g. Thanko MP4 watch with 1GB capacity costs approximately 14,800 Yen ($125) and 2GB capacity for 18,800 Yen ($160). All stored in your Thanko watch, you can enjoy high-tech life on the go.
Via Thanko (Japanese)