Three dimensional Menu Displays for Mobile Communication Terminals

YAPPA, a leading 3D technology company from Tokyo and EMOBILE Ltd., a telecom operator who entered into the mobile market for the first time in 13 years also from Tokyo agreed to form an alliance in the new 3D portal interface field. The 3D interface enables easy operation of the mobile communications device, and visual operability in a 3-dimensional space that is close to movement in real. The alliance enables EMOBILE’s new mobile communications terminal, “EM•ONE,” to browse and save large video and information files. EM•ONE is considered to be the industry’s first full-fledged “broadband mobile device”. EM•ONE uses YAPPA’s 3D technology for its communication interface, which enables users to easily understand and operate due to enhanced data operability.Thanks to YAPPA’s technology, users of EM•ONE will enjoy seamless and stress-free information browsing in the future.

YAPPA utilizes world-class 3D technology, by displaying 3D images via mathematical formulas. Through the application of these unique formulas and algorithms, the technology lightly and quickly displays 3D images with a level of beauty similar to that of a graphical user interface on hardware.