Toshiba Car Audio Current-Feedback Power Amplifier IC Prevents Speaker Burnout

Toshiba today announced the launch of a 4-channel power amplifier IC -TCB502HQ that detects output offset voltage, a factor in speaker burnout. The new IC integrates a newly developed, full-time offset detection circuit that detects output offset voltage even during sound reproduction, preventing speaker burnout.

Manufacturers constantly seek to respond to consumer demand by refining the sound quality of car audio and the new IC supports this with integration of a current-feedback system like that found in high-end hi-fi audio. This prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths and offers consistent sound quality, considering overtone of musical instruments or human voice. The new IC also integrates a newly developed, full-time offset detection circuit. It detects offsets generated at the output stage even during playback and contributes to reduction of field failures, thus helping ensure high reliability.

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