Toshiba launches Pro Theatre line-up of LED TVs for a truly exciting viewing experience

Toshiba today announced launch of the Toshiba Pro Theatre, a new line-up of LED TVs designed to provide viewers with a truly exciting viewing experience. Toshiba will launch three new series of Pro Theatre in the ASEAN market: the flagship L9300 Series; the L4300 series, Toshiba’s first TVs with the Android operating system; and the L3300 series featuring Turbo LED and Detail Booster.

All of the TVs in thePro Theatre line-up feature Intelligent Auto View , a new technology that monitors room brightness, and other aspects of the viewing environment. It then automatically adjusts picture parameters such as color temperature, color depth, sharpness, and backlight. Meticulous fine tuning of these characteristics ensures that the “Pro Theatre” line-up delivers optimal movie quality at all times. This new technology is grounded in studies of the human brain-eye characteristics and on analysis of the picture parameters in the professional monitors used by film makers.

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