Toshiba launches 10 models of REGZA LCD TV’s

Toshiba, Japan has announced a total of 10 models from the “ZH500,” “ZV500,” “RH500” and “CV500” series as new “REGZA” LCD TV products. The Toshiba ZH500 series will be available in 52- and 46-inch models, while the ZV500 series will offer 42- and 37-inch models. All these models support so-called full HD resolution. They can record various programs including 1seg programs on HDDs connected via USB or Ethernet cable. They also support the new “Dubbing 10” regulations for the copying of terrestrial digital broadcast programs. Only Toshiba ZH500 is equipped with a 300-Gbyte HDD. The ZH500 models employ bass reflex speakers as well. The ZH500 models are equipped with a VA type LCD panel, while the ZV500 models are equipped with an IPS type LCD panel.

With brightness sensors incorporated, all these Toshiba Regza models feature new “automatic” mode that automatically adjusts screen image in accordance with external environments. All new models allow Internet browsing and viewing of “Hikari TV” and “acTVila Video Full” services. The Toshiba ZH500 and ZV500 will be launched in mid May 2008 or later, while the RH500 and CV500 will be released in mid April 2008 or later.