Toshiba RD-A301 digital video records HD video to standard DVD discs!

Toshiba today announced the launch of a new digital video recorder RD-A301 (DVR) with HD DVD drive that integrates key new features that bring greater freedom of recording to the HD DVD, including recording of HD video to standard DVD discs. The Toshiba RD-A301 with 300GB built in hard disk integrates an HD Transcoder that converts MPEG2 video, the standard for digital HD broadcasts, to MPEG4 AVC, a high-efficiency video compression technology that supports longer recording times while maintaining picture quality. The DVR also supports “HD Rec”, which facilitates recording of HD video on conventional DVD discs, such as DVD-R discs. “HD Rec” allows a single-layer 4.7GB DVD-R disc to store up to two hours of HD video, working in combination with HD Transcoder.

The Toshiba RD-A301 measures 430mm x 69 mm x 375 mm weigh 6.1kg and will be available in the Japanese market in the middle of December, and advance orders will be accepted from November 1.