Toshiba RD-A600\ RD-A300 HD-DVD recorders

Toshiba Japan has announced a pair of hybrid HD-DVD recorders RD-A600 and RD-A300. Both share the same set of features but for the hard drive the RD-A600 comes with a 600GB HDD and A300 with 300 Gigs. They come with digital and analog TV tuner and can write on HD-DVD-R discs and the onboard hard drives as well. They also support DVD-RAM/R/RW burning. With dual TV tuners it can record two different programs on the disc and hard drive simultaneously.

As for the input terminal D1 image input, S1 image input ×3, image input ×3 and analog 2ch audio input ×3, as for the DV input and output terminal D4 image output, the S1 image output ×2, the image output ×2 and the analog 2ch voice response ×2, equipping optical digital voice response and HDMI output. To go on sale later this year in Japan the RD-A600 and RD-A300 measures 430× 98× 376mm. Toshiba RD-A600 weighing 7.6kg will be available for 200,000 Yen ($1,645) and Toshiba RD-A300 weighing 6.8kg for 150,000 Yen ($ 1230).