Transcend announces new speedy Class 10 microSDHC cards

Transcend today launched its new speedy Class 10 microSDHC cards, featuring compact size, incredible transfer speeds and massive storage capacity of up to 16GB. The 16GB microSDHC cards can store up to 6552 pictures (based on 5 megapixel JPEG compression format), over 88 hours of standard quality video (MPEG-4 video at 384 Kbps), or 240 minutes of HD video (AVCHD at 9 Mbps), providing photography enthusiasts with sufficient space for their high-resolution digital masterpieces. The new Class 10 microSDHC memory cards come with a microSDHC card adapter to take mobility and versatility a step further.

Measuring 11mm x 15mm x 1mm, Transcend`s Class 10 microSDHC memory cards are only one tenth the size of an SDHC card. Despite its compact dimensions, the new microSDHC cards feature the top-of-the-line Class 10 speed rating, hitting the maximum transfer rate of 20 MB/s on devices supporting SD 3.0. Such high-speed performance not only enables consecutive shooting, but also allows smooth HD recording. The Class 10 microSDHC card is now offered in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities, and is available for a suggested price of US$15 for the 4GB model, US$24 for the 8GB model and US$73 for the 16GB model.