Transcend digital products comes preloaded with Jay Chou’s “Capricorn” album

Some of Transcend’s digital products will come preloaded with Jay Chou’s new “Capricorn” album that officially launched in Taiwan on December 1. Transcend’s T.sonic 320/T.sonic 850 digital music players and PF710C/PF720 digital photo frames will come fully loaded with Jay Chou’s ninth and most recent album, “Capricorn” and two music videos. Last Christmas, Transcend and Jay Chao partnered to offer his “On the Run” digital music album on select Transcend digital music players, and this marks the second collaboration.

An internationally acclaimed Asian superstar, Jay Chou is currently considered the most popular musician / singer / producer / actor / director in Taiwan. His nickname, “Chairman Chou” is used by both the press and fans to underscore his domineering personality and pivotal impact on the Asian music industry