TViX HD M-5000U

TViX HD M-5000U from DVICO Corporation can playback high definition video (up to 1920x1080i) and still images. Pre-recorded HDTV programs from a digital TV set-top box or personal digital video contents taken by a HDV camcorder can be played back with TViX HD on a high definition display. The TViX HD features a DVI connector and component, which matches the high resolution of HD level video contents. TViX HD is also a standalone, multimedia hard disk player which can play digital videos, digital music, digital still images and DVD files to a TV display and home entertainment system. TViX HD can playback DVD movies with the full functionality of DVD navigation.

You can create your own virtual DVD library by storing your private collection of DVDs in .ISO or .IFO format and watch them exactly as if they were running from the original DVDs with all original features. The TViX HD can be networked with a PC system using its built-in LAN port. You are able to navigate to a file in a PC on TViX’s network and play the file from its original destination without having to first copy it onto the TViX HD. With two USB2.0 host ports, you can now attach additional external USB hard drives to further extend the storage capacity or transfer files from another USB device such as a thumb drive. You can also playback files from a digital camera, USB flash driver, USB flash card reader, or a MP3 player. With dimensions 131mm(Diameter) 185mm(Height) TViX HD M-5000U weighs 1,200g (without HDD) 1,800g (with HDD) and will be available from second week of March for 40,000/- yen approximately.