Twinbird Japan LINK ZABADY Waterproof wireless monitor

The waterproof wireless monitor LINK ZABADY from Twinbird Japan can be placed anywhere in the house such as bathroom, kitchen or where there is no power source. The unit consists of waterproof monitor, waterproof remote and the transmitter. You can connect up to 3 AV equipments such as a terrestrial digital television tuner, DVD player and HDD recorder and can select your choice via the remote. Fully charged lithium ion battery lasts approximately for 150 minutes.The battery takes 8 hours to get fully charged. With a good transmission range of 30 meters the system doesn’t interfere with radio, microwave signals etc.

twinb02.jpgThe 7” LCD monitor with 480×234 pixel resolution has a built in 40mm diameter speaker with 300mW×2ch output. The Twinbird wireless monitors LINK ZABADY measures 245×55×135mm, weighs 1,100g with the lithium battery and the 440g transmitter measures 220×140×57mm.The system will be available from December 1st for approximately 70,000 Yen ($595).
Via twinbird (Japanese)