u-blox LEA-5T high performance, precision timing GPS module

u-blox, the leading Swiss provider of GPS receiver technology, today introduced the LEA-5T, a high performance, precision timing GPS module capable of a (compensated) time pulse accuracy of up to 15 ns. Needing just one satellite to operate, the LEA-5T is a cost-efficient, compact and easy-to-integrate solution ideally suited for telecom network synchronization such as UMTS, CDMA or the Chinese TD-CDMA, as well as for applications that need time-accurate data communication between geographically dispersed systems and devices such as NTP servers. The u-blox LEA-5T features a Time Mode function whereby the GPS receiver assumes a stationary position, which can be programmed manually or be determined by an initial self-survey. Stationary operation enables GPS timing with only one visible satellite and eliminates timing errors which otherwise result in positioning errors.

The u-blox LEA-5T GPS module is powered by the 50-channel, u-blox 5 positioning engine. Endowed with SuperSense KickStart weak signal acquisition technologies, u-blox 5 GPS chips and modules boast an acquisition and tracking sensitivity of -160 dBm that enables fast, uninterrupted operation, even in challenging, weak signal environments like indoor locations.