Ultra Portable Sony XDV-100 TV with FM / AM radio

Take your TV on the go with the Sony XDV-100 portable TV with FM stereo and AM radio. Catch the big game/ your favorite show or listen to your favorite radio program when you are on the move. The Sony XDV-100 features a glare-resistant 2.83 inch low temperature polysilicon TFT color screen. It is very easy to switch in between TV and radio. You can expect high picture quality, treble quality stereo sound from Sony XDV-100 with minimal interference. The TV is compatible with EPG. The ultra portable Sony XDV-100 portable TV with FM/AM radio measures 98.3×61×15.1mm weighs 110 grams.

003.jpgThe fully charged built in DC3.7V Li-ion battery lasts up to 5.5while viewing TV, 25 hours FM stereo and 30 hours for AM. The portable Sony XDV-100 TV with FM / AM radio costs approximately 40,000 Yen ($340) with standard accessories- AC power adapter 、 carrying case, charge stand, stereo ear phones and hand strap.