Walt Disney Mix Max digital media player for kids

The Walt Disney Co. said on Tuesday its holiday products would include a personal digital media player for kids called the Mix Max as a follow up to its successful MP3 player. The Disney Mix Max player will plays full-length Disney movies on plug-and-play memory cards. Disney’s low-cost MP3 player for kids, called the Mix Stick, debuted in late 2005 and sold out before the end of the holiday season.

dda80.jpgDisney Mix Sticks allow for standard digital downloading or copying from a CD to its built-in digital memory. For easy entertainment on demand, without a PC, kids can also use a built-in SD/MMC card slot to listen to Disney Mix Clips – tiny plug-and-play add-on memory cards with near CD-quality music of popular albums from Walt Disney Records. The Disney Mix Sticks come in three additional styles: Disney Chrome (modern/sleek look), Forever Princess (Pink/Purple) and Tinker Bell (Sassy Pixie in Purple/Green).