Wintech iPhone / iPod docking clock radio CD player

Wintech from Japan today announced the launch of iPhone / iPod docking clock radio CD. This product is certified as Made for iPod. The docking tray of Wintech (KW-211 iPH) iPhone / iPod docking clock radio CD can be pushed in when not using as a docking port. This way it becomes a table clock/ CD playing device. Besides playing music, you can choose a voice alarm function corresponding to the iPod / CD / radio / buzzer. iPod/iPhone can be charged while listening to music. Time display on the blue black light can be selected for12/24 hrs. The brightness can be adjusted in steps.

Speaker output is 1W × 2ch (RMS). You can play other media players via the external AUX input. MP3/WMA CD playback is possible. The CD player comes with an FM radio also with 20 station preset memory. Power consumption is about 15W. The dock measures approximately, 139 × 128 × 150mm and measures 210 × 128 × 150mm with docking tray is open. Wintech (KW-211 iPH) iPhone / iPod docking clock radio CD player will be available early June for approximately 10,000 yen ($126).

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